Klang Introduction

Klang Introduction

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As the largest port in Malaysia and the 13th largest in the world, Port Klang Town has emerged as the import and export hub of Southeast Asia, and has opened the window to the Middle East, India and ASEAN markets of 2.2 billion people and the world's Halal products market

Port Klang is the first port of call for ships travelling east along the Far East - Europe route, and the last port of call for ships travelling west along the same route. Its naturally deep harbour and ability to process huge volume of cargo has made Port Klang the preferred stop for ships plying the route. The 1.4 billion Port Klang Freetrade Zone will complement the advantages of Klang and further cement its position as the regional trading hub.

Klang is also well connected to key strategic areas within the Klang valley via a series of major roads and highways including the Federal Highway, NKVE, KESAS, etc. It is a mere 30 minutes from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), making it the ideal hub for international freight and logistics.

Klang Valley is the key economic region of Malaysia and being in the vicinity of the economic hub meant that Klang is ripe to reap many of the benefits of the country's capital region. Klang itself is home to 1.2 million people and is known for its vibrant business activities, strong real estate market, and high spending powers of its residents. Continual works are in progress to improve traffic flow throught the city and to further enhance its various advantages.

As a major shipping city, Klang is home to about 95 shipping companies and agents, 300 custom brokers, 25 container storage centers, as well as more than 70 freight and transport companies that collectively provide a one-stop solution for greater import-export convenience.

Klang is also rich in Chinese culture and the hotbed for SME development. It also has close working relationship with China and is the friendship city to Yiwu of China, and these factors further add to the city's development as a regional hub.

The Malaysia Halal certification is another area of advantage that Klang brings to the table. The certification is the gold standard amongst the Islamic world and is the model upon which other countries refer to when establishing their own standards. This is why the Malaysian Halal certification is recognised in most Muslim markets and will help any businesses wishing to make inroads into the Middle East.

All in all, Klang offers strategic location with low fees, comprehensive infrastructure, well connected roads and air links, strong financial system, a knowledgable workforce, and much more. These factors are greater than the sum of their parts and help make Klang the ideal port of call for international shipping.