KCCCI Introduction

KCCCI Introduction

kccci officeThe KCCCI (Klang Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry) was founded on the 28th of May 1946 as a trade organisation. Its members are involved in various kinds of businesses ranging from agriculture, construction, information related industries, manufacturing, services, trading, etc.

As one of the leading Chinese associations in the Klang Valley, the KCCCI has always been active in engaging the Chinese business community through various activities and this has allowed it to build a strong network with businesses from all around the world. The KCCCI also frequently play host to trade delegates from China to Malaysia, as well as to bring local businesses overseas for exhibitions and fairs. The KCCCI encourages growth into the international arena and is always hard at work establishing overseas business links.

On the domestic front, the KCCCI has been serving as a bridge between Chinese businesses and the various government agencies. Being based in Klang has given the KCCCI a keen understanding of the advantages of the world-class port city of Klang and the determination to grow it inot the region's premier import and export hub.

In addition, Malaysia is also hard at work in developing closer relationships with other Islamic nations around the world through the efforts of the Halal Industry Development Corporation.

Malaysia has long been the major regional player in the Halal food product and is well positioned to tap into this lucrative market. Success in this area will see Malaysia becoming one of the world's biggest exporter of Halal food products.

Since the year 2012, to further promote and expand the commerce network in Malaysia, the KCCCI has actively pushed forward the formation of friendship cities between Klang and the world largest small commodity wholesale market China Yiwu.

Klang Municipal Council officially signed the letter of intent for the friendship cities status with Yiwu on the 21st October 2012 and the new relationship has been a huge step forward for Klang in the global arena.

The KCCCI is organizing Klang Yiwu Friendship Cities International Commodities Expo to further enhance trading relationship between the two cities. This trade fair will also serve as springboard to strengthen Klang's position as a global port city and give a head start to Chinese businesses into the Southern Asia market.